API documentation

Send support message

POST /api/support


This web service is used to send support request messages to PARKING+PLUS team.


Parameter name Parameter type Description
support_entry object support entry object
email string email of the user
phone string phone number of the user
support_entry_type_id id id of the support entry problem received in the support types info ws
problem text problem text
client_app_id string application id provided by PARKING+PLUS
client_secret string application secret provided by PARKING+PLUS
  "support_entry" : {
    "email" : "test@example.com", 
    "phone" : "1234567890", 
    "support_entry_type_id" : 3, 
    "problem" : "text text text text text"
  "client_app_id": "client_app_id",
  "client_secret": "client_secret"


Status Code: 201 if OK

Status Code: 422 if field validation not ok

    "email": ["can't be blank", "is invalid"],
    "phone": ["can't be blank", "can only be digits", "must be of 10 digits"],
    "support_entry_type_id": ["can't be blank"],
    "problem": ["can't be blank", "is too short (minimum is 20 characters)"]

Status Code: 401 if request not ok