API documentation

Get My smart keys

GET /api/car_driver/smart_keys

Include access_token in HTTP header:

Authorization: Bearer 09ba487fc3df...


This web service returns all of user's smart access keys.

Request Parameters

Parameter name Parameter type Description
is_active boolean if 'true', returns only active keys; if 'false' only inactive keys; if null/missing returns both


Status Code: 200 if OK

  "smart_keys": [
      "smart_key": {
        "id": 1,
        "secured_parking_id": 11,
        "name": "Secured P 3",
        "description": "Owner access",
        "is_active": true,
        "type": "owner_access",
        "access_command": "205e32dc97f079cce7b312b4b7ad3a83ec451cb652c1a0cbf49627eb3112c6041f03",
        "is_online": false,
        "start_time": "2015-07-15T12:00:00Z",
        "end_time": "2015-07-15T14:00:00Z",
        "access_points": [
            "access_point": {
              "module_id": 2,
              "mac_address": "00:07:80:15:3A:07"
            "access_point": {
              "module_id": 1,
              "mac_address": "00:07:80:15:3A:06"
Parameter name Parameter type Description
smart_keys list list of smart keys objects
id int id of the smart key
secured_parking_id int id of the parking for which the smart key was created
name string name of the parking
description string Description of the access key invitation or request
is_active boolean true if the parking is active
type string can be (permanent_access, short_access, request, booking, owner_access, admin_access)
access_command string command to be sent in order to open the barrier
is_online boolean true if the parking is "exclusively online", in which case the given access_command is unusable
start_time DateTime the start time from which the access command will work
end_time DateTime the end time until which the access command will work
access_points list list of access point objects
access_point object object containing information about an access point
module_id int the id of the access point module
mac_address string the mac address of the access point module(must be matched with the address received by bluetooth)

The access_command for "exclusively online" keys needs to be fetched with a separate request.

  "smart_keys": []

Status Code: 401 if request not ok