API documentation

Get all access logs

GET /api/box_logs?page={page}

Include access_token in HTTP header:

Authorization: Bearer 09ba487fc3df...


This web service return all the access logs of the user


Parameter name Parameter type Description
page int get a different page (optional, defaults to 1)

Query parameters example:



Status Code: 200 if OK

    "current_page": 1,
    "total_entries": 42,
    "total_pages": 5,
    "box_logs": [
            "parking_name": "Parking Name",
            "module_name": "bluetooth box name",
            "access_point_type": "in/out",
            "created_at": "2017-05-29T08:58:31Z",
            "command_message": "The gate was opened"

Response parameters

Parameter name Parameter type Description
current_page int current page(used for pagination)
total_entries int number of access logs
total_pages int total number of pages(used for pagination)
box_logs list of objects list of access logs objects
parking_name string the parking name on which this command was sent
module_name string the bluetooth module name
access_point_type string one of the values (in, out, in/out)
created_at datetime creation time of the access log
command_message string message received by the user after sending command to box

OR (if no access logs)

  "current_page": 1,
  "total_entries": 0,
  "total_pages": 1,
  "box_logs": []

Status Code: 401 if request access token not ok