API documentation

Get information about an equipment

GET /api/equipments/{equipment_id}

Include access_token in HTTP header:

Authorization: Bearer 09ba487fc3df...


This web service returns information about an equipment


Parameter name Parameter type Description
equipment_id int id of the equipment


Status Code: 201 if OK

  "id": 1,
  "parking": {
    "id": 310,
    "name": "Campul Painii",
    "default_price": "1.00",
    "price_unit": "hour",
    "currency": "RON",
    "accepted_parking_session_type": "paid_booking"
  "access_point": {
  "type": "in"

Response parameters

Parameter name Parameter type Description
id int id of the equipment
parking object parking object
id int parking: id
name string parking: name
default_price string parking: default price
price_unit string parking: price unit
currency string parking: currency
accepted_parking_session_type string parking: accepted parking session type ("none", "paid_booking", "unpaid_booking_manual_accept", "unpaid_booking_auto_accept", "pay_per_use")
access_point object access_point object
type string access_point type

Status Code: 404 if the equipment does not exist

Status Code: 401 if request access token not ok