API documentation

Forgot password

POST /api/car_driver/password


The forgot password can be used for the forgot password functionality. It will send an email to the account owner with a link to change his password.


Parameter name Parameter type Description
api_car_driver_fo_user object object required that contains the email of the user
email string email of the user
client_app_id string application id provided by PARKING+PLUS
client_secret string application secret provided by PARKING+PLUS
  "api_car_driver_fo_user": { "email": "email@parkingplus.com" },
  "client_app_id": "0d2f92e2e893fcd6de0e6ba73d675195e8a66bb1846e0f9993a7487fe81874ab",
  "client_secret": "d39d6138fcd293e98cc54fc01099eaa9e2a458e3992e65c7457e458a966a6af1"


Status Code: 201 if OK

Status Code: 404 if email not found