API documentation

Confirm Booking V1

After a successful Create Booking without Payment request, this confirmation request needs to be sent with empty body.

PUT /api/car_driver/smart_keys/:booking_id/confirm

Include access_token in HTTP header:

Authorization: Bearer 09ba487fc3df...


Parameter name Parameter type Description
:booking_id string ID received in Create Booking response (part of the request URL)


Only the status of the response is important in order to inform the user of a successful Booking.

Status Code: 200 if OK

  "id": 218,
  "fo_user_id": 2,
  "project_id": 1,
  "start_time": "2014-10-10T10:33:19Z",
  "end_time": "2014-10-10T12:03:19Z",
  "access_command": "20d7d4778fa57dec20ed027eb8458effed7d6276bdf38b84af5b3ed54f12e9943b03",
  "email": "email@example.com",
  "description": "description text",
  "is_active": null,
  "secured_parking_id": 1756,
  "type": "booking",
  "accepted_by": null,
  "state": "confirmed",
  "currency": "USD",
  "application_id": null

Response parameters

Parameter name Parameter type Description
id int id of the payment
fo_user_id int id of the user which recevied the smart key
project_id int id of the project to which the secured parking belongs to
secured_parking_id int ...
description string description of the booking
is_active boolean nullable boolean telling whether the smart key can be used (not the case of these smart_keys)
accepted_by integer id of the user which accepted the smart key, again (not the case of these smart_keys)
start_time string parking start time
end_time string parking end time
access_command string the command that will be sent from the phone by bluethooth
email string email of the user with fo_user_id
currency string currency iso code
type string one of: actual/past/future

Status Code: 401 if request access token not ok

Status Code: 404 if :booking_id not ok