API documentation

Get command for Decrypting the GetBattery response information.

GET /api/car_driver/secured_parkings/:id/battery_response

Include access_token in HTTP header:

Authorization: Bearer 09ba487fc3df...


This web service returns the decrypted info from the response from the box on the get battery command

       "response" : "211029bf83e7c47647aa84aa8e17d4fdf33703"

Request Parameters

Parameter name Parameter type Description
id int id of the secured parking on which we want to get battery info
response string string hex representing a block of 16 bytes. This is the response from the box after a get battery command is given


Status Code: 200 if OK


  "response": 91

with errors

                   "error": "1d"

Status Code: 400 if the secured_parking_id param is missing

Status Code: 404 if the secured_parking with secured_parking_id doesn't exist

Status Code: 401 if request not ok or if the current user does not have parking owner rights on this parking